Founded in 1996

EPAC envisions a world where people in organizations are ethically aware and act ethically.

EPAC's mission is to promote ethical knowledge, wisdom and competency in Canadian Organizations. 
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Note aux lecteurs francophones : Nos collègues au Québec ont établi un site Web en français à www.reoq.caDonc ce site-ci est principalement en anglais mais il contient plusieurs documents bilingues dans les sections « Competencies », « Members », « Links », « Magazine » et « Resources ».


EPAC: Ethical Leadership Workshop

EPAC: Ethical Leadership Workshop

Dr. Stephen Maguire, Carleton University Centre on Values and Ethics (COVE)

For our fall workshop, EPAC has invited Dr. Stephen Maguire to conduct a session on the always-relevant topic of ethical leadership.

The workshop will expose participants to new research that identifies risks associated with senior leadership and how practices associated with ethical leadership can mitigate those risks. Among other sources, some of this research reflects surveys of over 10,000 police officers in Canada.


EPAC Chair report from AGM / Rapport du président de l'APEC à l'occasion de l'AGA

Report of the EPAC Chair to the AGM on June 25, 2014 / Rapport du président de l’APEC à  l’occasion de l’AGA tenu le 25 juin 2014

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EPAC online Community of Practice – Join today!

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Launch of a new EPAC online Community of Practice-Join today

Respecting the desire of members to engage with one another across the country, we have created an online Community of Practice (CoP) designed to make geography irrelevant.

The CoP is a member-driven vehicle for you, as an EPAC member, to share information, learn from peers, and discuss issues related to organizational ethics. You will be able to post and answer questions, share information and resources, promote events and video chat with one another at any time. The site was created as a private space to allow frank discussions.

The CoP is ready for you to join today.  Once you’ve joined, it’s easy to introduce yourself and add any posts you think will interest other members. We have monthly real-time “hangouts” (a webinar discussion) on an organizational ethics topic.

LinkedIn Group

Join the EPAC discussions on LinkedIn. 

One of the ways the Board of Directors has acted to fulfill EPAC’s mission to promote ethical knowledge, wisdom and competency in Canadian organizations is to create an EPAC LinkedIn Group. 
Recent posts include a growing list of books on ethics that practitioners are reading; notification of a new resource for French and English ethics terminology; discussions on negative campaign advertising, whether conference sponsors can ban speakers, and if it is possible to teach business ethics, to name only a few.  
If you are a LinkedIn member, find us in the group list under the title Ethics Practitioners’ Association of Canada and join the conversations.


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